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Bits N' Bytes Computing

High quality tech support at hometown rates!


  • Bits N' Bytes Computing reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. None of our technicians are required to enter any residence if they do not feel comfortable or safe doing so.

  • Bits N' Bytes Computing will not be responsible and will have zero liability beyond the scope of the repairs/services listed on the Work Order.
    - example: If Bits N' Bytes is contracted to install a network that is our scope of liability. If the customer's video card stops working after our installation we are not responsible. Networks have absolutely nothing to do with video issues.

  • The Bits N' Bytes technician(s) will verify all functionality of billed repairs/services before releasing the PC from our shop or leaving the customer's residence.

  • Every service performed must be billed and listed on the Work Order. Bits N' Bytes Computing technicians cannot perform any service no matter how small without documentation. This protects the customer as well as Bits N' Bytes Computing.

  • Payment is required at time of service. Cash, checks and PayPal are acceptable forms of payment.

 - PayPal payments require a 5% service fee.

 - Returned checks will be assessed an additional $25 fee and require an immediate cash payment.


  • 7 Day warranty on most system repairs!
 - Warranty only covers services/parts listed on the Work Order.

  • Bits N' Bytes Computing is not responsible for recurring issues due to a customer's disabling of safeguards installed to expressly correct/prevent said issues.

 - ie: If a customer disables or uninstalls an installed antivirus program and gets another virus this is not covered under warranty.

  • Any services deemed covered by this warranty will not be billed to the customer.

  • Any services NOT deemed to be covered by this warranty will be billed as normal. Customer has the right to refuse any further services not deemed under warranty before they are performed.

  • In the event used parts are installed (if available) they will have NO WARRANTY beyond functionality at time of install. Used parts will ONLY be installed at the consent of the customer.

  • Every system we sell is cleaned, personal data cleared, completely updated and thoroughly tested. Any and all blemishes, issues, missing parts, etc will be noted in the descriptions and include multiple large pictures of the actual items being sold. Systems sold are sold AS-IS with NO WARRANTY. We invite - and encourage - potential buyers to test the systems before purchase.

  • The following conditions are used for laptop battery testing. This is in no way a scientific test - it is only for reference.

 - Battery is completely drained and then fully recharged.

 - Streaming is via WiFi whenever possible.

 - Browser is opened to Netflix for streaming.

 - Netflix is open to Full Screen.

 - Screen brightness is set to maximum.

 - Battery time is measured from system start-up to the point the battery runs out of charge and fails.

PLEASE NOTE: Used laptop batteries cannot be evaluated reliably and we have no way to determine how a battery has been used over its lifetime. Using these settings as a constant we can get an idea of how the battery will perform. This puts the largest load on the battery based on a "normal use" of the laptop - in this case streaming video from an online source.